Diaz Touch Landscaping Services is a family owned business located in Nassau County. Our main priorities are customer satisfaction and perfection to details. We are highly knowledgeable in the field of horticulture and enjoy educating our customers. Between all our employees, we have approximately 50 years of experience. As dedicated horticulturalists, our education in the field is always growing. Our advantage as a company is our fresh mindset, we are always ready to deliver new designs and creative plant selections.

We excel at customer satisfaction by maintaining constant communication and building a relationship with our clients. DTLS believes in the visions our customers have for their landscape and we will take the proper time to personalize every expectation.

We have an eye for design and the creativity that goes beyond the ordinary landscape. DTLS specializes in seasonal flower rotations; this ensures that your home will look aesthetically appealing all year round. Our unique flower selections will guarantee instant gratification for every season.

Join Diaz Touch Landscaping Services’ mission in creating beautiful neighborhoods one home at a time.

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